Support Groups & Coaching

Peer group support facilitated by Allison B. Spitzer, M.A., in Trumbull, CT, Delray Beach, FL & online via ZOOM.

Social Skills & Expressive Arts for Tween Girls

For 10-13 yr old girls, a creative arts group through which children learn to recognize and transform those patterns which have not served them well. During activities, children focus on improving their interpersonal communication skills, monitoring, reflecting on and adapting behavior, giving and receiving appropriate feedback in a safe, joyful, creative, positive and supportive environment.

20’s and 30’s Support Group

Strategies and resources for staying connected and positive. The challenges of this transitionary period–from school to work, from home to independence, from old friends to new20-30’s Support Group territory aren’t easy. Peer group support for your tough times.

Arts Therapies

Talk Therapies don’t work for everyone. They also work from a rational standpoint.

Music, Art, Writing, Movement, Storytelling, Drama and many other modalities can help you access your issues in a a profound way  that can surprise, add depth and understanding and release for many. A powerful experience or one that causes deep reflection and insight – either way, the arts can bring up and release our feelings, memories and ad depth and clarity to the therapeutic process.

I’ve run groups and individual sessions for Seniors, tweens, Me Too survivors, educators, and performing artists. Even a single session can bring you a new perspective on an old problem.

ADHD Coaching

Individualized problem solving to straddle the obstacles and unique challenges an atypical brain pose at school, home, work, in relationships, self image and in performance. Whether you, your child or loved one has received a diagnosis or not, discover that ADD, ADHD can enrich your life.